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Nature's Way: Embracing the Circle of Life

Updated: Sep 7

In nature, everything follows a circular path, gradually dissolving into its elemental components over time. However, this natural order changed when humans started producing durable materials and constructing long-lasting structures. Our possessions, like food, homes, and clothes, now outlive us, presenting a challenge. The footprints we leave on the Earth persist longer due to our constant desire to own, compete, and accumulate throughout our lives.

This modern age is characterized by a frenzy of collecting and amassing possessions, striving to extend our lives. Yet, inevitably, we pass away, leaving behind our indestructible remnants for the next generation.

To bring balance back to the circle of life, we could consider a system where we are accountable for our long-lasting remains. Perhaps, upon retirement, we could be encouraged to give away or face carbon tax for our excess possessions that endure beyond our time.

By aligning with nature's circular way, we can find harmony by letting go of the constant pursuit of accumulation and live in harmony with the world around us.

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